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Requiem - Dance Performance from the Works of Contemporary Hungarian Composers Péter Eötvös and Máté Bella

Date: 24 October 2022
Time: 19:00
Place: National Dance Theater - Nagyterem - Nemzeti Táncszínház Nonprofit Kft. 1536 Budapest, Pf. 284.
Telephone: (+36-1) 434 59 00

In her new dance performance, Harangozó-prize winner Noémi Kulcsár adapts the works of two significant contemporary Hungarian composers to the dance stage. In the two-part production, the dancers of Tellabor dance to the music of The Night's Monologue – written by a young talent, Máté Bella, adapting the Night monologue that is known from Csongor és Tünde– in addition to the contemporary requiem entitled Alle vittime senza nome (For unnamed victims) written by the internationally renowned Péter Eötvös for the souls who got lost on the Mediterranean Sea.

Further information: http://tancszinhaz.hu/musor/bemutato-requiem/2159